What is helps investors in stock and crypto to reduce and control risks. We help to earn money with strong risk control.
What is the advantages of
1) MBN utilizes smart-contracts and oracles for risk management and deals control. 2) Proof-of-trade conception: all completed trades are stored in Blockchain. 3) Investor keeps own assets at exchange account without necessary to deposit to MBN platform. Trading and asset management proceeds through API keys. 4) Advantages of using one exchange account to operate with several traders or bots. 5) All services in one place: investing with risk managing + trading + bots.
How to register on utilizes DeFi way to register and operate. To register on login into with one of the supported wallets  —  TrustWallet, MetaMask, Coinbase (or other ERC-20 compatible), and set your profile nickname. Your unique Ethereum signature is used to identify you in the system.
How to use
On MBN platform you can manage your own assets, or receive investors funds in management. To start trading or investing, you should add your API key in the Dashboard on the menu. You can find the best traders in the rating menu, or compete with them to be in the top position.
FREE and PAID service plans
There are three service plans available on with FREE, PREMIUM, and PRO subscriptions. Each plan has various tools to work, providing all necessary tools for a starter trader as well as all unlimited features for professional customers. The plans can be purchased with ETH or MBN tokens from the Service plan menu on the MBN platform.
How to purchase a service plan
To purchase a required service plan that suits your needs, choose it in the service plan menu on the MBN platform and select the payment method. You will be presented with an option to use your attached ERC-20 wallet or make a direct transfer on the address in the link. After confirming the transaction, a new plan is coming into effect with the status being updated on the platform profile.
Contracts. What happens with open positions after the contract ends?
MBN converts them automatically back to the base currency when the contract ends.
Contracts. How can I get in contact (chat) with traders.
Via MBN telegram

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