MBN Token

User-to-platform utility

Paying commission fees

Commission fees on the platform are charged in MBN tokens.

Payment for advanced features

On MBN platform we have various of additional advanced features which are available on a monthly subscription basis.

Payment can be done with MBN tokens or other cryptocurrencies, which are automatically converted into MBN.

Staking rewards

To receive rewards from staking – user shall commit his tokens on MBN platform in Staking menu

User-to-user utility

Community Operated Fund

Community operated fund is a pool of digital assets, which is capitalized from MBN team, community members and external investors.

The purpose of COF is to provide traders with assets for management and to create multiple business opportunities for MBN customers.

Absolutely anyone can take part in COF, performing as an investor or as a trader.

Tоkеn distribution:

Current circulation
Tokens burned
Reserved for distribution to
  • Seed investors:67M Unlock Q2 2020 - vesting for 6 months
  • MBN team:150M Unlock Q4 2020 - vesting for 12 months
  • MBN Advisors and Partners50M Unlock Q1 2021 - vesting for 6 months
  • Staking:44M Unlock upon claiming
  • COF reserve:200M Unlock Q2 2020 - vesting for 24 months
  • Market incetives:10M Unlock Q1 2020

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You can receive access to a whole new world of trading with MBN tokens.
Use MBN tokens to gain advantages and unlock various tools on Membrana platform.

With MBN tokens you can recieve staking rewards or join Community Operated Fund (COF)
to take part in investment pools and other ecosystem activities.

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